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IMG20220913183210.jpg Trailer deck restained and bedliner sprayed on the framing.


About Us

     With rising demand of trailer repair, American Tire & Auto has branched a new sister company. We specialize in keeping your businesses' or personal trailers on the road with years of life left in them. We are not shy of taking on large projects that you may have in mind. We understand the phrase "time is money", with that we make sure all repairs are accurate and to manufacture specifications. Every customer is treated with value and respect with any repair service.

     Welding projects are not only limited to trailers; dump bed trucks, flatbed trucks or any small project can be taken on. Welding services outside of trailers will be at the same rates for mobile service calls. Welding processes include MIG, ARC, TIG/stainless and aluminum. With years of experience we can make the repair that will last.

     Fleet programs will have options for free annual inspections to be done every year with their desired time. We welcome any business to reach out and let us handle a downed trailer on the side of the road. Our Trucks are equipped to repair a broad range of problems that can happen at any time. We encourage fleet accounts to utilize our mobile service, we will go to your job site or motor pool! Send an email or fill out a submit form.

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